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The European Union Association (EU Association), is an ECOSOC Accredited Non Governmental Organization with Special Consultative Status.
The EU Association promotes a better understanding of EU priorities among EU’s international parties and policies around the globe and at the United Nations.
The European Union Association has been granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in 2012 and it works to help raise global awareness about various global economic, social, and civil rights issues through events held at the United Nations Headquarters.
These events are usually organized in cooperation with various partners including EU representative institutions, EU Member States Countries, NGOs, Academic Experts, Civil Rights Activist, and the Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD) under the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).
The European Union Association also works in cooperation with the EU Delegation to the United Nations, EU Delegations to the United States,  EU member states representative offices, EU partners around the world, and the members of the UN Family of Nations within the UN General Assembly and Security Council.



The first groups of European Union Citizen activists founded the European Business Forum at New York University in 1987. In 1996 the EU Students Association was founded at NYU and in 2000 the EU Association was incorporated as a non-governmental organization in North America.
The European Union Association has been a US Non-Profit Organization devoted in the cause of global cooperation for more than 20 years.


Who We Are


President (EUA-UN) Vice President EUA Europe.

Giuseppe has dedicated most of his life to the rebirth of a peaceful integrated Europe in line with UN principles of peaceful  international cooperation. 



Honorary Vice President and co founder

Julia is a co-founder of the EU Students Association at New York University as well as the EU Association and a contributor to the promotion of sustainable development programs in universities and EU Association shared projects.



President, EUA-Europe

Raffaele is a successful entrepreneur who dedicates part of his life to supporting EU civil society in Europe.
Raffaele leads the EUA team in Europe from Luxembourg



Chief Coordinator EU-African Affairs

Michel Koffi Fadonougbo was born in Doissa Savalou Benin, he has supported the promotion of African culture with global partners for most of his life with particular commitments to Europe-Africa bilateral exchanges.

He is the founder and current president of the "Associazione Compagnia Africana, as well as founder of the  Association of Internazionali Communities “Città Mondo” in Milan, Italy, EU.

He has worked at numerous projects promoting oral literature and traditional African societies in many European cities, which include Barcelona, Amsterdam, Girona, Milan, Turin Florence et al


Managing Director EU-Africa Relations.
Vice President Cultural Affairs

European Union Association/European Union
General Secretary SALAMBO Association and Association African Company APS, Milan.
Roy has been cooperating on and off with the European Union civil society as far back as he beginning of the 1990's
He has a great interest in promoting EU-African relations and has contributed to many cultural, social and economic development exchanges between the two continents of Europe and Africa



Events coordinator 
EU-Africa Affairs

Chiara Ciaravola, has worked in international events during the celebrations of the 20th Anniversary

of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM11) at the United Nations General Secretariat in New York, EXPO Milan 2015, the European Commission et al.
She is an expert  in International Project Management & Business Strategy, thoday she is also administrator of OLMAC COSMETICS SRL, and President of the Europe-Afrinca SALAMBO’ Association.



Managing Director EU-Asia relations:

Gregory leads our Asia-Europe NGOs Network Division, He  is a French EU  national with 12 years in Tokyo Japan, 5 years in NYC & currently +10 years in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou). +30 years a designer/artist. Co-Founder of Biocentric Society Ltd., a project-oriented organization promoting biospheric diversity


Managing Director for Public Relations EU-Asia Relations in our Asia-Europe NGOs Network Division.


Yujuan (Kiki)--  Is also Deputy Secretary General of youth innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Association and President of International Students Communication Association, passionalte about international cultures, and enthusiastic at volunteering for the organization and promotion of international events.
She is fluent in English and Chinese as well as in different levels in Spanish, and French with a special interest in French literature,
she is filled with strong appreciation perception of multicultural art.

YuJuan got her own bachelor’s degree in science and arts in 2020 from Weifang university . She is also a host of live TV program at present.

In her consciousness, nothing is same between every single individuals but art.

Her favorite German poet Friedrich Schiller once said :Art is the
right hand of nature. The latter only gave us being, but the former
made us men.


Middle Eastern Adviser/V.P. Communication

Akeel has been an active member of the EU Association at the United Nations since its founding, he has lived extensively in the Middle East and Europe before completing his studies in the United States.


EU-US Relations,
Sustainable Development Goals


Sarah is a passionate and devoted individual to the promotion and

development of political, economic and social aairs around the globe.

Having been ac activist in Cameroon, she is especially interested in the advancement of agriculture, women supported

entrepreneurship, gender equality and human rights.
Sarah has participated in

grassroots advocacy, fundraising efforts, research and project proposals and

management to further the progression of domestic and foreign civil societies



Legal Advisor-Events Coordinator 

Carlo is a distinguished member of the EU-Association Europe - Associazione Unione Europea based in Luxembourg and Messina (Italy-EU).
He is runs a literary park (Parco Letterario Salvatore Quasimodo).

Carlo M f 2.jpg


Legal Advisor-Events Coordinator 

Carlo is part of the legal team of the Associazione Unione Europea/European Union Association, Carlo is an European Union supporter.
His law firm main office is based in the City of Messina, host city to the first steps towards the birth of the European Union
with the Conference of Messina of 1955
eventually followed by the Treaties of Rome 2 year later.

Carlo f.jpg

In 1999, with his wife Delilah Gutman, he founded Rosini Gutman Collection.
From 1992 to 2011 he was the president of the Movement Artisticoculturale European Relations, MARE, whose mission was to create with art and culture, regenerative initiatives in order to obtain economic energy to support social and humanitarian projects.

For over thirty years he has been the recognized authority to certify the value of modern and contemporary art works for leading global insurance groups, and has been chosen as Auxiliary Technician by the  Police section of the Artistic Heritage of Bologna.

In 2016 as the General Director of Rosini Gutman Foundation he had the honor to present and be a partner in the UN celebrations of the twentieth anniversary of Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) at the UN Headquarters in New York presenting the Art Project “ReStArt”.

Since September of 2016 was granted the title of V.P. /Director of Art and Culture for the EUUN & ASEM-UN Network NGO’s.

G. Rosini 3.jpg

Openings with the European Union Association

The EU Association invites volunteers to participate with its committees and boards.
Opportunities currently exist with the fundraising, newsletter/blog editing and event organization activities.
Please contact us for more information on how to contribute to a world of strong multinational cooperation while at the same time taking advantage of networking, recruiting, and business development opportunities.
You may inquire about opportunities to cooperate with us at info@euun.org. We welcome your interest in our mission statement.
fundraising, newsletter/blog editing and event organization activities.
Please contact us for more information on how to contribute to a world of strong multinational cooperation while at the same time taking advantage of networking, recruiting, and business development opportunities.
You may inquire about opportunities to cooperate with us at info@euun.org. We welcome your interest in our mission statement.